List of My Illustrated Foldabots(With small info)

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List of My Illustrated Foldabots(With small info)

Post  Aqua Jet on Thu Jan 29, 2009 1:09 am

Velo - My first illustrated Foldabot who, turns into a velociraptor

Raptrap - A tall Foldabot who resembles to Velo. He turns into a Utahraptor

Carnotaur - The spiky Foldabot who, turn into a Carnotaurus

Gigatron - A big Foldabot who invents weapons and turns into a Giganotosaurus

Carcharotron - Also known as the giant fast beast who, turns into a Carcharadontosaurus

Tyrannotron - The most popular Foldabot from the sub-group of Saurobots. He turns into a Tyrannosaurus.

Spinotron - More probably the giant Foldabot with a spine at the back, Spinotron is he leader of the Saurobots who, turns into a Spinosaurus.

Therotron - The combination of the Saurobots. Except for Velo and Raptrap.

Annihilator - Also known as The Man-Dragon, Annihilator is the Foldabot bounty hunter and the main antagonist of the Foldabots, like the Lumipatrons. In alternate mode is like of Tikbalang, that his face tilts upward to protect his real face.

Propellotron - A supportive Foldabot who resembles to Tutubi.

Falcotron - Also known as the Robot Jet. Falcotron turns into a F-22 Raptor.
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