Jack & Jill Pretzels: Foldabots Minis List

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Jack & Jill Pretzels: Foldabots Minis List

Post  jasper_cabigting on Tue Jun 01, 2010 6:59 pm

List of Foldabot Minis:

1.Azul (Blue Compact Car)
2.Kuryente (Meralco Service Car)
3.Hatid (Blue School Bus)
4.Riles (LRT Train)
5.Karga (Red Delivery Truck)
6.Ipo-Ipo (News Helicopter)
7.Batak 1/2 (Front Part, Green Car Carrier)
8.Batak 2/2 (Trailer Part, Green Car Carrier)
9.Violeta (Violet Compact Car)
10.Verde (Green Volkswagen Car)
11.Sagip (Ambulance)
12.Tigas (Armored Van)
13.Amihan (Red Jet)
14.Habagat (Blue Jet)
15.Bilis (Yellow Formula Race Car)
16.Talyer (Blue Towing Truck)
17.Ikotron (Jeepney)
18.Buhat 1/2 (Front Part, Violet Car Carrier)
19.Buhat 2/2 (Trailer Part, Violet Car Carrier)
20.Barena (Drill Picker Truck)


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