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Appearance :

Kidlat appears as a red, yellow, blue and green Foldabot that transforms into a V8 Supercar, though he resembles and identities are similar to a 2005 Honda Civic Si in alternate mode. Like all of the Foldabots, he has a life-giving agimat that glows in his chest compartment. With a tough armor under his flashy decals, this stealthy warrior does everything with style. His ultra-sensitive tire grips can detect approaching obstacles from great distances. His only weakness is his ego.

Abilities :

Spoiler acts as a solar power cell to collect energy for seismic jolts or lightning blasts.
Micro-enhanced vehicular body armor.
Tire grips can detect oncoming vehicles and analyze data.
His lower vehicular allows him to emit seismic blasts with quick jolts of electricity collected from the sun.

Stats :

Intelligence: 3
Endurance; 4
Strength: 3
Speed: 5
Special Skill: 4

Trivia :

Kidlat means lightning.
He is the last independent Foldabot being not a member of any sub-group, before the Combiners year. which started June 2008 - December 2009


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